Marsha Gray Carrington has been making things from about the age of two. Inspired by her mother Louise, and accomplished painter, she never questioned what she would be when she grew up – an artist. Marsha received her BFA from James Madison University in 1977with a double major in Painting and Graphics and Photography. In graduate school at California Institute of the Arts she majored in Fine Art Photography and graduated with an MFA in 1981. From 1983 until 1996 Marsha worked in the film industry in Visual Effects Animation, on films such as Ghost and Braveheart, with her last stint at Disney Studios. In 1996 she left the industry to follow a dream of illustrating children’s books. She landed her first book, Jake Johnson, The Story of a Mule, for DK Publishing, in 1998. She has illustrated six books since for major publishers, including Tessa’s Tip Tapping Toes and Saving The Liberty Bell, to name a few. Marsha also co-owned and created designs for the greeting card company mjZOOM, from 1998 until 2006, and then with her husband Kevin from 2006-2009, that sold nationally and abroad. She continues to design and create for established companies that manufacture greeting cards, wall decor and other products. She has made her living creatively all of her adult life and continues to create fine art through various mediums such as photography, painting and graphics. After living in Los Angeles for thirty years, Marsha and her husband Kevin moved to downtown Sandusky in October of 2009. Although it was a huge change for her to move to such a small town, she feels it was just the right time and is excited to be a part of it’s rebirth. Her studio has been in downtown Sandusky since January 2012, and she opened Carrington Arts gallery in October of 2015.

Artist Statement
The theme for this group show was born out of two things: my fascination and interest in abstract art, and my own issues with distraction and how art is such a great and necessary tool for me to focus. So, the term Driven To Distraction” transformed into the creative theme “Driven To Abstraction”. As it is a group show featuring the art of sixteen artists and many mediums, I left the theme up to artist’s interpretation, as always, making for a variety of dynamic art in this show. I myself have always wanted to explore abstract art more and thought this would be a good start. Still my work in this show is a combination of abstract marks and form mixed with identifiable characters. I love living creatures, both people and animals, and always delighted in creating characters that have a humorous or even a strange, quirky quality. It is apparent even in this attempt to make abstract art. In the end, I had a blast making these images and find them to be fun to look at. I also discovered a new artistic process that I am sure I will continue to explore, as it changes and evolves with each new creation using it.

“Atoms Baby ” ink on paper Driven To Abstraction – February 2-March 16, 2018