Carrington Arts was conceived in May of 2015 and born on October 16 of that year. Marsha Gray Carrington, artist and owner of Carrington Arts, lived in Los Angeles for 30 years, and a six month stint in Portland, Oregon, prior to moving to Sandusky, Ohio with her husband Kevin O’Neill, who is from the area. She has made a living her entire adult life as an artist, illustrator and designer, and has been working in a studio space on West Shoreline Drive since January 2012. AHA Creative and Brick Gallery occupied the storefront connected to her studio on West Water Street. When Amy Heflinger and her business partner Jamie Speer moved the gallery and design studio one block away on East Water Street, Marsha decided to open a gallery of her own in the vacant space.

Marsha had a vision based on galleries she frequented in major cities. It took six months to transform the space with the help of her husband and local contractors. Marsha opened her doors to a welcoming crowd on Friday evening, October 16, 2015. Her first exhibit, which consisted of her own work, included painting and photography called “Voices of Erie”, and was inspired by the lake and surrounding landscape. Also included in the show was environmental portrait photography, as well as photo fusions, a term Marsha created for a type of manipulative and surreal photographic art, which is unique to the artist. She also exhibited original children’s book paintings from books she has illustrated for major publishers.

Since opening, Carrington Arts has shown ten different exhibits. In January of 2016 the gallery started the year off with a one person show of watercolor paintings and poetry by local artist Elizabeth Roth. Five shows followed including three one person shows: “Life Paintings” by Louise Carrington, Marsha’s mother and an accomplished painter; “Living Presence” paintings by Joshua Adam Risner, and “Survival Kit” – conceptual art by Kaeleen Wescoat-O’Neill. Two multi-media group shows were also featured titled “Blue” and “Familiar Strangers”. Openings often include some form of live music or interactive art performers. Emily Keener, of Season Ten of the Voice fame and a local talent, shared her beautiful voice and music at Carrington Arts during the opening of “Survival Kit”. Openings are well attended and a great place to explore our art community, socialize with neightbors, artists and those that enjoy the arts.

Carrington Arts opened 2017 with the group show “Mirror Mirror”, followed by a one person show “The Barnkeepers-A Celebration of Ohio Barns and Those That Keep Them”, photography by Michael S Cohen. The multi-media group show “In The Shadows” followed, and then “Women’s Work” featuring the art of 19 Ohio Women Artists and included a weekend of events: Spoken Word, Music by Haley Schaffer, meditaiton, a Painting/Haiku Workshop, and yoga. The last show of 2017 will open October 20 called “Oxidation” and features the paintings of local artist Paul Coleman from the period 1976-1991.

Gallery hours are from 12-5 pm Tuesday through Thursday and 12-6pm Friday and Saturday, and by appointment. The gallery often closes between shows while the next show is being prepared. Check Facebook for any changes. Opening Receptions for shows generally happen on Friday evenings from 6-9pm. Events and times re always posted on Facebook and in the Sandusky Register.

Come visit Carrington Arts: A place for art; a place for artists; a place to experience unique creative vision. Enjoy.